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Country in Asia Minor, with a small part in Europe, a successor of the Ottoman Empire. Populated by ca. 75 million people (mostly Muslims), having Ankara as her capital and Istanbul as the largest city.

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What is this griffin-like creature labelling a lunar mansion in the Zubdat al-Tawarikh?

While looking for astronomy-related things I found out about this Turkish history manuscript from 1583 called the Zubdat al-Tawarikh or "History of the World". One of the first things in it is an ...
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Did the Kayı tribe fight the Templars at any point?

The highly popular Turkish TV drama series Diriliş: Ertuğrul has Ertuğrul and his Kayı tribe fighting the Templars based in a "castle" which apparently should be identified with the real-...
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What was Syrian side of the story for the 1989 shooting of a Turkish aircraft?

Wikipedia briefly notes: In October 1989, 2 Syrian Mig-21's flew 12 miles (19 km) into Turkish airspace where they shot down a Turkish aircraft. Most of the articles linked there are dead links by ...
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What are these Ottoman artifacts and what, if any, is their significance and inscriptions?

A relative has these items - what is the metal thing used for, and what language is inscribed on it? Does the belt have any naval importance?
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Who started the Great Fire of Smyrna in 1922?

I wish to know if there is historical evidence that definitively identifies who started the fire in Smyrna in 1922, or, whether we can conclude given the available evidence, or if it is more ...
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