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The United Nations (UN) is an intergovernmental organization to promote international co-operation, established on 24 October 1945 after World War II

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Where were they ecoshapping and were condemned by the UN

I remember an article about an North American Indian tribe that sank an iron rich ship in their lake or inlet to the ocean in order to increase the amount of fish. I think the UN sanctioned them or ...
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How adamant/sustained was George F. Kennan's opposition to the [creation of the] UN?

Wikipedia's page on George F. Kennan says that he warned against U.S. participation and reliance on multilateral, legalistic and moralistic organizations such as the United Nations. (Citing a review ...
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Why was Stalin OK with the UN's headquaters being placed in the US?

It feels like Stalin should have objected to this because this gives the US some extra influence. Why not insist on placing the headquaters somewhere more neutral?
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Was the first use of glass teleprompters in Lyndon Johnson’s speech to the UN’s 20th anniversary celebration? (1965)

I came across a short video recording of his speech at I was surprised by the appearance of the sleek glass devices that appear to be teleprompters beside the podium. They appear almost ...
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Did Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania continue to block their appointments to the Conciliation Commissions after the ICJ advisory decision of 1950?

This bit of history may be found in the ICJ archives: The question concerning the Interpretation of Peace Treaties with Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania had been referred to the Court for an advisory ...
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