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Questions tagged [venezuela]

For questions relating to the South American country of Venezuela

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Is there basis in saying Venezuela was Aragonese?

So... This sounds like a silly question even to me, but this is the background. In the recent TV show, Bolivar, there is an Inspector of Weights and Measures for Caracas who comes in to weigh a ...
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Venezuelan crisis of 1902–03: Why is there a Russian flag on the cover of the prominent newspaper 'Le Petit Parisien'?

The Venezuelan crisis of 1902–03[a] was a naval blockade from December 1902 to February 1903 imposed against Venezuela by Britain, Germany and Italy over President Cipriano Castro's refusal to pay ...
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What was the reason for the Dutch attack on Venezuela in 1908?

The Netherlands attacked Venezuela in 1908, which resulted in the overthrow of Venezuelan President Cipriano Castro. According to the New York Times article Dutch at War with Venezuela, the Dutch said ...
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