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Flag flying dynamics

How many flags are allowed to be on one pole? Is a flag ever flown up side down at half-mast, more than 1 and why?
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Have any opinions by Fanny Allen of her father's book on theology survived?

Fanny Allen was a daughter of Colonel Ethan Allen of the Continental Army, noted for taking Fort Ticonderoga from the British by surprising them while they slept. (Or General Ethan Allen if you like; ...
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History of the 1793 revision of the constitution of Vermont

Is there any account of the politics of the revisions of Vermont's constitution in 1793? When Vermont was admitted to the Union on March 4, 1791, it continued to function under the constitution of ...
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1785 state [sic -- see the postscript below] census of Vermont?

In 1785 Vermont was a de-facto independent country that was unrecognized largely because the government of New York adamantly insisted that Vermont was legally part of New York (as King George III had ...
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What was said about Vermont in the Paris negotiations of 1782?

In November 1782 the Preliminary Articles of Peace between Britain and the United States were signed. They specified where the boundaries of the United States were. I have two questions: (1) Did ...
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