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Use for historical questions about voting and elections as a political process or form of political expression - when, where, and how elections were held, who was eligible to vote, what the procedures were for voting, how candidates got on the ballot, criteria for winning, results and historical contexts of scandals, etc.

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Were there women who were against giving women the right to vote?

The TV show Sherlock prompted an interesting question about the historical role of women during the United Kingdom's road to women's suffrage. In the episode "The Abominable Bride" (set in ...
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Has women's suffrage ever decided an election?

I'm curious whether women's suffrage has ever changed the direction of an election. Polls often show differences between men and women, but they are often fairly highly correlated, so I wonder if ...
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Why did Switzerland not grant votes to women until 1971?

I was shocked to learn yesterday that Switzerland didn't grant votes to women until 1971. Other European foot-draggers like France granted this right at the end of the second world war, making ...
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Has Section 2 of the 14th amendment ever been enforced?

But when the right to vote at any election ... is denied to any of the male inhabitants of such State ... the basis of representation therein shall be reduced in the proportion which the number of ...
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Athenian Democracy - How were the citizens motivated to be so politically active?

Considering the city-state of Athens and its interesting idea of a direct democracy (550 B.C.), I am comparing and contrasting the political activity of ancient Athenians and modern Americans. ...
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Origin of French electoral tie-breaking mechanism (oldest candidate wins)

The French Code électoral specifies that ties be broken by giving the oldest candidate the win. (At least in certain elections. See for example L126, L262, L338, LO512.) What is the historical origin ...
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Were there any other systems which resemble the complex election procedure for the doge of Venice

I was fascinated by a passage in Thomas F. Madden's Venice: a New History describing the complex process used to elect the doge of Venice. This process is explained briefly here: Wikipedia: Doge of ...
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What is the historical significance of spoilt votes?

In discussions about voting, it is often claimed that voting with an intentionally spoilt ballot sends a message to the candidates while not voting at all signifies indifference and your concerns as a ...
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How did 19th century politicians discredit rivals?

I'm writing a fantasy novel in which a pivotal election takes place (first vote in which everyone above the age of 21 can vote - and the first time women can vote). The setting of the novel is heavily ...
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Did the Republic of Venice use range voting?

It's claimed on that The 41 elected the Doge (from among nominees they chose; any of the 41 could write a name on a slip of paper, and from then onward, that name was a candidate) by ...
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In early Western democracies what percentage of men were eligible to vote?

From what I've seen in the below sources, it appears that a large number of men didn't vote during the early times. May I know if this is true to most places as well? Why was this the case and when ...
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What was Northern Ireland electoral law pre-1972?

I have seen claims that the voting system used in Northern Ireland pre-1972 was discriminatory. In particular, I've seen the claim that voting was allocated per household and not per person; I have ...
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What was the highest ever win for a decision in a nationwide *democratic* voting?

A short preamble for the reason of the question: During the existence of the German Democratic Republic the population had not only the right to vote, they had the obligation to vote - a composed list ...
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Who (or what) has received the most votes for anything in human history?

I keep hearing in the news Joe Biden received 80 million votes in the recent 2020 US election, more votes than any presidential in US history (and quite possibly more votes for anything in US history)....
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Which EU countries insisted on unanimous voting for trade deals?

Question prompted by this tweet by Jo Maugham in reaction to a HuffPost article: Humiliating, really, but if we leave the EU we'll have to brown-nose every single one of the Member States: ...
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Voting enfranchisement in the USA in the 18th century

It is frequently asserted that when the US constitution was ratified in 1788, it was a very progressive piece of legislation because it gave everyone the right to vote, making the US the first modern ...
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Were deaf or blind people ever denied voting rights in the United States?

I had never thought of this before. I know that some states do not allow people with intellectual disability to vote. Interestingly, it was not until 1964 that deaf women were allowed to vote it ...
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Has the US ever held a referendum? Would it be possible according to the constitution? [closed]

Many western countries (Switzerland more than anyone) now and then arrange referendum about issues like membership in the EU, or keeping or abolishing military conscription, or whether or not to shift ...
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How does governance evolve?

There is a simplistic model of history that roughly goes: In the beginning people wandered the land with pointy sticks and the most masculine guy beat up all the other guys and made himself king. ...
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