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Can anyone find this DOJ report talking about the CIA's detention and interrogation (or torture) program?

In Ali Soufan's bookThe Black Banners - Declassified: How Torture Derailed the War on Terror after 9/11,on page 425a of the Kindle edition, he says: A July 29,2009, report by the Justice Department's ...
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Do We Know 100% of the Victims of 9/11?

The 9/11 Memorial contains nearly 3,000 names for the victims of 9/11. However, based on a news article on September 7, 2021, there are still 1,106 victims of 9/11 who have not yet been identified. ...
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Was the U.S. planning an invasion of Afghanistan before 9/11? [closed]

Some sources seem to indicate that the U.S. was planning a military attack against Afghanistan before September 11. Niaz Naik, a former Pakistani Foreign Secretary, was told by senior American ...
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American Sniper book vs real life

According to Cynical Historian "He (Chris Kyle) was definitely a liar, exaggerated his own exploits and brash in exposition". However, I couldn't find any article that focused on the book's ...
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Was the US close to running out of volunteer manpower during the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars?

I remember during the early-middle days of the Iraq War there were growing concerns on the need to reinstate conscription to shore up US troop numbers. Was there any legitimate concern behind this or ...
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Did the bounty on bin Laden ever get paid?

Osama bin Laden famously had a $25m bounty for action or information leading to his killing or capture. Was this ever paid out following his killing in May 2011? If not, how was the money budgeted for ...
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Did the date of 9/11 have significance, or was it chosen randomly?

One thing I've been wondering about ever since 9/11 is whether the date was randomly chosen, or if it was chosen specifically for its resemblance to the American emergency hotline 9-1-1 (or something ...
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Why was the World Trade Center selected as a target by Al Qaeda?

In 2001, the terrorist organization al-Qaeda attacked a series of targets inside the United States. The Pentagon was the symbol of America's military strength, and the second planned DC target (...
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