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Was Ottawa, Canada the origin of the "Free Tibet" movement that became world famous in the 80's and 90's?

Free Tibet as a slogan became world-famous starting from 1986-1987 And the only reference I can find as to the sparks that ignited the movement are a demonstration in Ottawa in 1986, where Tibetans ...
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When and why did male formal attire in the West become uniform? [closed]

It seems to me (maybe I am wrong?!) that the formal attire for men in the West has been uniform (as in "bland", not "military") for at least 100 years. While moderately evolving in ...
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What in Confucianism reduced the importance of the clan structure and made these societies more secular?

Looking at the Inglehart–Welzel cultural map of the world we note that the west in general, and protestant countries in particular, are individualistic and secular, and that these are the values most ...
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Who are the "Two Parties" of the Protestants in the Treaty of Westphalia?

The seventh section of this linked selection of the Treaty of Westphalia includes this: But because certain religious controversies prevailing among the above-mentioned Protestants have not yet been …...
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Did the concept of "all for one and one for all" actually exist in France in the 17th century, or did it come later?

The phrase "all for one and one for all" comes from the book "The Three Musketeers," which was set in the 1620s. But the book itself was published in 1844, which opens the ...
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Which is the first, non-Western, (written) description of the female orgasm?

Which is the first, non-Western, (written) description of the female orgasm? Hildegard von Bingen wrote about around 1100, which is, AFAIK, the first known mention of it, but she was part of the ...
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Was lobster considered a poor man's food in the Georgian era?

Many years ago I took a tour through a restored Georgian-era house in Dublin (best €2 I spent that summer). This included some pretty good explanations on the everyday life and customs in that period, ...
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How did a student grant work in 18th/19th century Western Europe

I am making research for a book, and I need details about grants/scholarships in Western Europe around the beginning of the 19th century, ideally for a teenager living far away from the applied school....
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What is the difference between an extensive revolution and an intensive revolution?

I have tried Google, my textbook, and I just can't seem to find the difference between these two types of revolutions.
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What is a good introduction into (western) civilization?

I recently asked this question: How can we be certain of customs in the primitive age? Here it was stated that the Durants' work is flawed and outdated to a certain extent. Is there a more modern ...
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Was the year 2000 a really peaceful time in history for the West? [closed]

In the year 2000 I seem to remember that the world seemed mostly at peace (in the Western World at least). The worst thing was the fear of the millennial bug or that some unknown cult might try ...
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What's the origin of differentiating between civilians' and soldiers' "rights" in war? [closed]

In ancient Western times civilians were considered legitimate spoils of war for the victor. Sometime in Western Europe that seems to have changed. While Otto von Bismarck waged symbolic wars in Europe ...
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Is there any short summary of John Rowe's theory of horizons about the Incas?

This topic often gets me confused as I have not found much information about John Rowe's chronology of the origins of the Inca's empire. All that I know is that he divided the history of ancient Peru ...
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Was there a military practice of reloading while marching/running, in Europe or America during the 18th and 19th centuries?

This reenactor does a fine job of reloading a flintlock rifle while running. He is attempting to recreate something from the Indian Wars in America, in the 1770s. My question is about the historical ...
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In what sense is Socrates considered as the father of Western philosophy?

Socrates is known as the father of western philosophy. But in what sense? Is it because there wasn't any other philosopher who preceded him? Or perhaps that their philosophies were completely ...
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Why did European countries become more economically advanced than non European countries?

Barring a few places in the erstwhile USSR, for which communism and its fall had a major role to play, countries with a predominantly white population, collectively called "The West" are the most ...
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Was having one breadwinner in the family feasible in the early 1900s because of greater pay, lower cost of living, or both compared to today?

Today it is common in western countries for both spouses in a family to hold jobs and jointly be "breadwinners" and for many is an economic necessity. However in the past, it was common to only have ...
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ِWhen did sexual life outside marriage became popular in Europe? and why? [closed]

In Christianity sexual life outside marriage is banned and for ages it was like that in Europe and the Western world, I want to know at which age this start to became popular that people will have ...
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To what extent is a coincidence that the Dec. of the Rights of Man and the Citizen and the USA Dec. of Independence were approved so close in time? [closed]

France helped North Americans revolutionaries during the Independence War. The USA Declaration of Independence (USA, 1776) and the US Constitution (USA, 1787) influenced the content of the Declaration ...
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Were there more than 4 River Valley Civilizations? [closed]

If you graduated U.S. Public School education system(k-12), you might have learned about the 4 great River Valley Civilizations: Indus, HuangHe, Nile, Euphrates. They were basically the birthing ...
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Who is the latest famous person to have no known likeness?

Among historically famous people of Western Civilization which one is most lately born who has no known likeness? By "historically famous" I mean some person who is mentioned as being historically ...
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Who introduced Yoga to the West?

Yoga has been accepted as a way of life by so many people around the world irrespective of the religion and country. There is world wide promotion for Yoga and June 21 is going to be celebrate as ...
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When did lecherousness, in Western Culture, become a primarily male quality, instead of a female one? Or is that not true? [closed]

When did lecherousness, in Western Culture, become a primarily male quality, instead of a female one? According to TvTropes: I'm a Man, I Can't Help It: Very much Newer Than They Think. In ...
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