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Simple Answer: Adolf Hitler did not have a plan on invading the United States of America.

More Detailed Answer: Adolf Hitler first declared war on Poland, and then France and England. Using a technique called "blizkrieg," Poland, France, and the Low Countries quickly surrendered in the next three to four months. Then, Hitler attacked Norway, England, and some other countries North of the mainland of Europe. The only failure was England, which at first the name of the battle for the Germans was "Operation Sealion." Adolf Hitler abandoned his attack on England because RAF fighter pilots were taking a large toll on the Luftwaffe, the German air force.

Therefore, Hitler started an attack on Russia, then, the Soviet Union. Italy, Romania, Hungary, and a few other Axis countries cooperated in the attack. Eventually, this attack was reversed at the Battle for Stalingrad.

Basically, Adolf Hitler never publicly stated any plans of attacking the United States because he was so preoccupied in Europe. This next statement is opinionated: if Hitler did not even defeat the U.K., how in the world did he think that he'll beat the U.S.?

So, the United States never found any evidence of Nazi Germany wanting to invade the United States. I'm not entirely sure about England or the Soviet Union (or Russia).

Sidenote: Hitler had lots of amazing weapons on his side, such as the Tiger, the V1 and V2 rockets, etc. If he had more personal and material, he would have considered on invading the United States. But no, in conclusion, he never had the chance to plan out the invasion of the U.S..