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The religious texts of Israeli origin, considered in whole by Christianity and in part (the Old Testament) by Judaism as holy.

then emphasise that the son of Baal should not be called Jahwe but Jammu…). This would then date to ~1500 BCE. The oldest reference outside the bible is still from the Egyptian inscription dated to the … Toorn & Bob Becking & Pieter W. van der Horst: "Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible – DDD", Brill: Leiden, Boston, Köln, 21999, P910–933. Short German labguage overview by Becking: "Jahwe …
answered Sep 30 '18 by LаngLаngС
derivation is the masculine noun פתרון (pitron), meaning interpretation. Both the verb and the noun occur in the Bible only in Genesis 40 and 41, where Joseph interprets the dreams of his fellow inmates and … identified as Upper Egypt, around Thebes, but it is not established fact that all authors of the bible confirmed to this definition and very probable that at least early readers and listeners would identify …
answered Aug 3 '18 by LаngLаngС
is 1000 years after the events described are said to have been happened. But the problems do not stop there. The Bible was not set in stone, the Tora was not set in stone. But constantly written and … in books called "Bible" today is far removed from the text as it was written down first. Looking for any historical evidence in that book is hampered by later additions from the biblical editors. So …
answered Jan 4 by LаngLаngС
Q: Was Freud the first to make the connection between monotheism and Aten? There are a couple of uncertainties encapsulated in this question. If you want to know which Western researcher first …
answered Oct 19 '18 by LаngLаngС
The passages in question are Isaiah 44 and 45, which is in the middle of the so called 40–55: Deutero-Isaiah, the work of an anonymous Exilic author; That the book of Isaiah was written by a s …
answered Aug 25 '18 by LаngLаngС
keep in mind that for historians that amounts still to "not much". These "some traditions" that he did not have a brother seem quite contradictory to most of what is canon even in the bible. Although … it is not always when a James in the bible is actually the James of Nazareth that would be the brother. This exemplified by the debate around the so called James ossuary. To those who want to believe …
answered Aug 22 '18 by LаngLаngС
with Yahweh or presupposed this equation. It is for this reason that the Hebrew Bible so rarely distinguishes between El and Yahweh. The development of the name El (’ēl) into a generic noun meaning “god …
answered Feb 7 '18 by LаngLаngС