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Spain is a country on the Iberian Peninsula. It is bordered by Portugal to the west, and France to the north.

title for Corsica was part of the Crown of Aragon, which formed a dynastic union with the Crown of Castile that later became Spain. In 1297 the Pope created a purely titular Regnum Sardiniae et Corsicae … , Croatia" etc titles into the Crown of Spain article. Since he didn't provide a source, all we have to go by is his other edits. Apparently, he believes Charles V obtained the Hungarian title somehow and …
answered Jan 24 '18 by Semaphore
, Visigothic Spain had no need for a new language. Not all Germanic peoples were alike - the Goths had long been in proximity with the Romans; they had converted to Christianity (albeit Arianism) and … written language in Spain and Latin continued to the language culture of administration throughout the Visigothic period. Penny, Ralph, and Ralph John Penny. A History of the Spanish Language …
answered Nov 12 '18 by Semaphore
three hundred years of history under her belt, the United Kingdom is under no legal obligation to return any part of it. A key difference with the Hong Kong cessions is that neither Spain nor Britain … wish to fight a war over Gibraltar. From a realpolitik perspective, compared to Hong Kong, Gibraltar is far more defensible, and Spain considerably less formidable. Moreover, the British position is …
answered Dec 22 '14 by Semaphore