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The Exchequer Records at the National Records of Scotland include an archive of papers about forfeited estates for the years 1716-1824. You might be able to find relevant secondary sources that draw from these records, but so far I'm not having much luck finding anything that directly addresses your question. And unfortunately the records do not appear to ...


Delphine LaLaurie, a serial killer of her slaves, was found guilty of their abuse and had her house attacked and destroyed by a mob in 1834. She did manage to escape justice by fleeing to France.


To add to Tom's answer which I voted for. Peter the Great was fascinated with the West from an early age. He was the first and only Czar of Russia to travel extensively across western Europe (March 9, 1697 to August 25, 1698). On his travels he studied western science and crafts, not only recruiting skilled labours for Russia but participating himself in ...


The principle of distinction and protection of civilians is only found in thin allusions in treaties (I), but to some extent in the scholary treatment of international law (II) and in the national martial laws (III). But we should not think of the recognition of the principle of disctinction in too modern ways (IV). I. Allusions in international treaties ...

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