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I'm guessing this is what the game has turned into. I'm not finding any American references to the game any longer. But some overseas countries seem to like it. Rules/How To Play


Scroll down to where it begins with CAPTAINBALL Or the original version of ...


张作霖只说了一个“打”字,就昏死过去,再也没有醒来……。 "打" could be the verb in a sentence. That means 'make a phone/telegraph to call his fifth son back soon'. Because he was in a lethal condition and could not finish the whole sentence. This matches the following return of Xueliang Zhang disguised as a wound soldier.


The hexagram is not an exclusively Jewish symbol. For that matter, the Star of David as a symbol of Judaism (as opposed to a symbol used by Jews) is far newer than people realize, dating only to 1897 and the First Zionist Congress. Given that, seeing a six-pointed star on top of a Christmas tree in 1924 is no surprise. Also, Jesus was of the house of ...

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