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The brown, triangular banner with yellow ?flower? is being carried by men in a canoe, and they are wearing what look to be Hawaiian feather helmets and cloaks, while carrying wooden staffs, as seen in this Rembrandt Peale picture. Thus, -- given that Japanese were part of the Yellow Peril -- it's some sort of Hawaiian war banner.


I see three flags: Left center appears to have 3 vertically oriented stripes, with a dark stripe closest to the staff; based on @Justcal 's comment, this is probably France. Center right which is more properly a pennant or ensign than a flag and dark with a yellow rosette. Quite possibly the Japanese Imperial Banner. (Hat tip to @ezekiel and @justcal ) ...


The British SOE trained and infiltrated two Czech agents to assassinate Reinhard Heydrich in 1942. And while Czech citizens paid a terrible price for that act, a truly nasty Nazi had been eliminated.


Actually, much earlier then that According to this site (in Russian) history of greenhouses in Russia started much earlier, in the time of Peter the Great. He founded Apothecaries Garden (also known as Apothecaries Town), first botanical garden in Russia which stands to this day. Among other things this garden produced tropical fruits (like oranges) which ...


It appears he went as far as trying to convince African leaders of officially raising the issue. WASHINGTON, Aug. 12 —The State Department and the Justice Department have begun to take an interest in Malcolm X's campaign to convince African states to raise the question of persecution of American Negroes at the United Nations. The Black Nationalist leader ...

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