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Did Aboriginal Australians know slings?

The ranged weaponry niche occupied by bows and slings in most other parts of the world was in Australia occupied by boomerangs and woomera (spear-thrower). These wouldn't have had the long range of a ...
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Why was New Guinea not colonized by Austronesians the way Indonesia was?

I think the vital piece of information you were missing that made this appear to be a mystery was that, unlike a lot of the rest of Indonesia, the native inhabitants of New Guinea that the ...
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The Sumatrans told Marco Polo that there was an island to the Southeast. Were they referring to Australia?

As you mentioned, Java is the next island to the Southeast of Sumatra. It is not larger than Sumatra in square miles, but even in Polo's day had the heaviest concentration of population in all of what ...
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Did Indigenous Australians burn land to get Europeans to move on, and did Europeans follow suit?

Many pre-invasion aboriginal cultures managed land by burning. The effects of this were regular fuel reduction, open bush suitable for large game hunting, and the development of desired fire friendly ...
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What kind of religions did ancient aboriginals of Australia follow?

First of, I must disclaim: I am not Aboriginal (or even an Aussie) in any manner and my knowledge of these things is superficial at best, but I do have a non-professional interest in myths and legends ...
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Did the aborigines of Australia and the Maoris in New Zealand know about each other's existence, before the Europeans came?

I think the only way Australian Aboriginals could've visited Aotearoa (NZ) in the distant past was by being blown out to sea by a storm and surviving the long drift. in which case they probably would'...
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The Sumatrans told Marco Polo that there was an island to the Southeast. Were they referring to Australia?

Marco Polo was travelling with a large and well armed Mongol diplomatic mission, with a Mongol Princess travelling to marry the Ilkhan in Iran. No doubt the leaders of the diplomatic mission would ...
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