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Yes there are, but not many it appears. An exhaustive list can be found in Hieroglyphenschlüssel: Entziffern, Lesen, Verstehen by Petra Vomberg and Orell Witthuhn, but this partial list gives one example: F39 𓄪 jmꜣḫ.


There are no non-biased histories. Histories are always written by people, and these people have viewpoints. They list just the facts about kings and battles, ignoring the common people? That's a bias. They focus on the patterns of social development, ignoring the kings and battles? That's a bias. Historians learn to question their primary and secondary ...


You may begin with: Redford, Donald B., ed. (2001). The Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt. for a general account. Ancient Egypt existed for very long time, and it has been very much studied, with plenty of books written on specific periods and various aspects of its history. This one can give you a general orientation. You do not have to worry that ...

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