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Ancient Greece was a civilization centred around the Greek peninsula, that lasted from the 8th century BC to the end of the classical antiquity era (ca. 600 AD).

Questions about Ancient Greece should be about facts, events and historical figures of any of the following periods of Greek history:

The early Byzantine period can also be considered part of Ancient Greece history, at least up until the closure of the Neoplatonic Academy in 529 AD. The Greek Dark Ages (ca. 1200 BC–750 BC) are also oftenly quoted as the first historical period of Ancient Greece.

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The tag is extremely broad, please use it in conjunction with a more specific one, for example:

for questions specific to the Greek Dark Ages (the Homeric era)
for questions specific to the Classical period
for questions specific to the Greco-Persian Wars
for questions about the Hellenistic period
for questions specific to Alexander the Great
for questions about the ancient kingdom of Macedon