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How big were the armies of the Mycenaean Civilization during the Late Helladic Period and during the Late Bronze Age Collapse?

Maybe ~150,000 As TED points out in a comment, this is very difficult to answer because of the lack of physical or written evidence. However, the Iliad may provide a clue. The Iliad was written down ~...
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When was the first time Rome was mentioned in outside records (and specifically, in Greek ones)?

What about Homer, He mentions that Rome was founded by surviving Trojans. He wrote in the early 7th century.
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Which Greek word was used in the text "Charmides" which was translated as "science" in some translations, or as "knowledge" in others?

The Platonic Foundation has page numberings in the text, and it is thus possible to identify the passage you ask about is on 165C, which helps identifying it in the original, even without deeper ...
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