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Gaulish logistics during Caesar's invasion

I would suppose the Gauls vs Ceasar did not generally move armies very quickly. § 8.14. […] the Gauls are always attended by a vast multitude of wagons, even when they have very light baggage […][1] ...
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Gaulish logistics during Caesar's invasion

It would be a mistake to characterize the Gauls (as Roman writing often does of any foreigners) as primitive. They were an exemplar of the La Tene material culture, to which Rome owes much of its ...
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Why didn't the senate of Carthage reinforce Hannibal in Italy?

The Second Punic War was not really between Carthage and Rome but between the Barcid and Rome. Iberia was essentially a capitalist venture owned by the Barcid. The notion of a central Carthaginian ...
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Did Caesar comment on the intellectual curiosity of the Gauls?

I can't comment on the nature of curiosity (whether childish or intellectual), but the editors of the book Caesar: Gallic War, Books I-V:iIn the chapter on Transalpine Gaul, make the following ...
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