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How aware were the latter Greek-speaking Romans (ERE: Byzantines) of the early history of Rome?

They were very familiar with the early history of Rome. For one, Cassius Dio wasn't lost for a long time. Joannes Zonaras used Cassius Dio frequently and John Xiphilinus made an 11th-century epitome ...
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Did the polytheist Greeks or Romans call their priests “father”?

As currently phrased, the answer might be formulated as 'yes', sometimes they did, although probably not 'in general'. Pater was not used like a synonym for 'priest' like it is now often done in ...
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What prevented the Romans from naval expansion?

Logistics (cost) x Wealth of Targets (benefit). The same issues when asking "why did not Rome conquer Scotland?" Romans went into the Red Sea, and got their asses handed to them due to ...
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What prevented the Romans from naval expansion?

The Roman fleet largely relied on galleys. The Romans had nothing like a carvel or carrack, let alone a galleon. Several reasons come together for this. The technology of sails and rigging was not ...
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When did subtractive notation become common for Roman numerals?

Romans used both additive and subtractive and this is true from late Etruscan times up to middle ages (1100 Arabic numbers spread into Europe). Roman numerals were never a stardandized notation system,...
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