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What was Yugoslavia doing in the Angolan Civil War?

I'm not sure the Yugoslavian military were ever actually "combatants" in the Angolan Civil War in the strict sense of the term. I was living in Southern Africa when the war broke out and so I've read ...
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What is the backstory behind the White Sun of Angola?

According to FOTW Flags Of The World, the sun symbol appeared in the flag proposed by the National Assembly's Constitutional Commission in 2003. The proposal saw some opposition and never became law. ...
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How was the Cuban military capable of performing African interventions?

Cuban muscle, Soviet logistic History of Cuban intervention in Angola is relatively well documented, as is the Angolan Civil War. Without going into too much details, it evolved into usual proxy war ...
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Was the factional civil war that broke out in Angola after its independence in 1975 based on tribal rivalry?

Broadly, yes. The MPLA's main support was among the Ambundu people. UNITA's main support came from the Ovimbundu tribe of central Angola. The FNLA's main support came from the Bakongo people in the ...
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What was Yugoslavia doing in the Angolan Civil War?

There three major factions in Angola, the (marxist) MPLA, the FNLA, and the UNITA. Of the the three, the MPLA won. in large part because "they had the least tribalist approach." That is, they ...
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What became of the plan to partition Angola?

I know that there was supposed to be an American plan in the 1970s to split Angola, more-or-less "along the 11th parallel" (actually along the line of the Benguela railway) after the Portuguese left. ...
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What was Yugoslavia doing in the Angolan Civil War?

As an article by Milorad Lazić shows: Beginning with Algeria in the 1950s until its demise in the 1990s, Yugoslavia was an ardent supporter of liberation movements and revolutionary governments in ...
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What was Yugoslavia doing in the Angolan Civil War?

I made an account just to answer and I hope to provide some new information to the other 2 answers in this thread! My information comes from my grandfather who fought for the Cubans. Yugoslavia’s ...
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