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What is the origin of the names of planets in Arabic?

These are very confusing, even for Latin ones and all are still full of uncertainties and speculation, apparently stemming from quite some influence asserted cross-culturally and confusion among the ...
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How widespread was the Arabic Language in Syria before Islamic conquest?

To address Mark C Wallace's point, being ethnically Arabic and speaking the Arabic language are not the same thing. Arabic people existed long before the language we now call Arabic developed, albeit ...
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What was the population of late Pre-Islamic Arabia and the population of Arabic speakers before Islam?

According to Colin McEvedy and Richard Jones, at the beginning of the Christian era it was about 2 million, and in the next 2 pairs of centuries it geometrically rose to about 2 2/3 million, then ...
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What was Muhammad's religion before becoming a Muslim prophet?

Firstly, there's no documentation or archaeological data available regarding the matter in question. Arabs of that time were mostly illiterate. There were extremely few individuals who could read and ...
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What was Asir's role in the Arab Revolt?

Short Answer Asir revolts against Ottoman rule started in 1904 and continued during the 1916-18 Arab Revolt. The revolts were (initially, at least) primarily about gaining self-government, being rid ...
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Military training in the Hijaz during early Islamic era

Hijaz Hijaz only a small part of Arabian Peninsula situated on Eastern bank of the Red sea. Arab groups understandably varied in their laws and customs throughout the region. Who was the Power in ...
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Did nomadic Bedouins outnumber sedentary Arabs in 7th century Arabian peninsula?

There was much more settled population than nomadic one. Also, there was more Arab population than Bedouin. First, the Arabian peninsula has only one population center, the Hijaz, which is barely ...
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Did the slave trade from Africa to the Middle East decline during the 20th century?

Officially, the African leg of the Arab slave trade ended in 1923 when Ethiopia, one of the last countries where slavery was legal, definitely outlawed it after years of incremental legislation ...
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How widespread was the Arabic Language in Syria before Islamic conquest?

Greek was the language of the ruling elite and Aramaic (or "Syriac") was widespread among the peasantry. However, Arabic was also widely spoken throughout Greater Syria, since there were ...
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What happend to the other Kaabas?

Not sure if this is what you're wondering about, but from Will Durant's The Age of Faith (1950), page 161: In the belief of orthodox Moslems, the Kaaba was built or rebuilt ten times. The first was ...
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How did Bedouins exercise tribal governance?

Bedouin refers to people who make their living by means of stock raising, specifically on the marginal steppe lands not suited to sedentary agriculture. Their characteristic behavior is to take their ...
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Were the Hashemite kings of Iraq and Transjordan considered foreign?

During that time, Pan-Arabism was in fashion in the Arabic world. The lineage of these rulers going back to the clan of the prophet Mohamed of Islam was a plus. Arab countries were trying to unite ...
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Is the Lebanese town of Nabatieh related in any way to the ancient Nabatean Civilization?

The Nabateans had an empire from the 4th century BC. They were an Arab nomadic tribe that settled in what is now Jordan. They expanded Northward through Syria. According to the maps I looked at they ...
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Were the Hashemite kings of Iraq and Transjordan considered foreign?

I will reword and answer the question as, "How well accepted were the Hashemite Kings in that the British imposed on Transjordan and Iraq after World War I?" Because the answers are rather different. ...
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