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The kindly Deputy Head of Collections at Manchester Museum took a look at my stone and gave the following response. Your 'bead' is almost certainly a fossil called porosphaera globularis. There has been some discussion as to whether they were used as beads in prehistoric times, several hundred thousand years ago. Fossils re-used in this way often have ...


The difference between archeology and looting a tomb is based, today, on two points: First, in archaeology people don't expect to make money directly out of the opening of the tombs: they won't take what's inside and sell it. Instead, they will take it and give it to a museum, that will expect some profit from showing this to tourists Second, in archaeology ...


Cuneiform was used for accounting documents much more often than for books


It seems that the Phaistos Disc is the closest example of such a thing (see, although the inscription is pictographic/logographic rather than cuneiform.

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