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Who is this decorated WWI Italian Army General?

Pretty clearly matches the face of Diaz Armando Vittorio ... immediately afterwards agreed to enter Mussolini's first government as Minister of War, appearing above all as a guarantee for the ...
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What was the total army strength of the Byzantine empire under Justinian?

Following the citations in Maas, the original number is from Agathias' Histories 5.13.7, where he gives the provides an estimate of 150,000. However, as Maas notes: There is...broad agreement that ...
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Help identifying my great grandfather’s WWI Italian Army uniform, rank, regiment

He was definitely a member of the regular troops as the officers' uniforms had pockets in the front and were slightly different in the design. Very good article on ww1 Italian uniforms (in Italian) ...
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Is this a US Army military uniform cape?

Okay, this cape is, indeed, a US Army cape (note, cape, USN and USMC have similar items of uniform, but are called cloaks). Officers buy their own uniforms and among the high end items are mess dress (...
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Which WWII Medal and ribbon are these?

Left to right The gold eagle is an honorable discharge lapel pin which was for wearing on the label of a civilian suit coat. When one was discharged a similar, but cloth, patch was sewed over the ...
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What was the difference between Hussars and Chasseurs à Cheval in the 19th Century French army?

The difference between Chasseurs à Cheval and Hussars is that, while both were light cavalry, Chasseurs were ALSO expected to act as dismounted infantry if the situation called for it and were trained ...
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Who manufactured US 10th Cavalry Saber?

Thanks everyone. With my husband's help and a much better magnifying glass - we determined the sword bears the insignia of WMH - Horstmann Co, Philadelphia. Horstman was from Germany and the Horstman ...
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Who manufactured US 10th Cavalry Saber?

Possible answer Over 35,000 were manufactured at the Springfield Armory, Springfield, MA, between 1913 and 1918. . . . . An additional 93,000 sabers were contracted to the firm of Landers, Frary and ...
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