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Why did Sheikh Mujibur Rahman refuse to negotiate on Six Points [after] the 1970 election?

As for Sisson and Rose, this how they cover the (final) two days of negotiations: Proposals were advanced on behalf of the Awami League by Kamal Hossain and were discussed in substantial detail. They ...
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What is the explanation of president Gen. Yahya Khan's role in the general election of 1970?

(Note: This answer was written in response to an earlier version of the question.) There seems to be a source which addresses the issue. The Wikipedia article on the 1970 Pakistani General Election ...
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How did people and goods move between East Pakistan and West Pakistan?

Yes, it was possible. There were two entry exit points on West Pakistan India border, one is still active Wagha in Punjab and probably Munabao in Rajasthan. However, because of well connected Rail and ...
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