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Why did Hitler not claim the German-majority areas of Schleswig?

As historian Mark Mazower put it: The Nazis always fabulated about thousand years and were often incapable of thinking 5 minutes ahead. That means that there were many plans, often grandiose in nature,...
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Has the majority ever seceded?

Yes. When Brazil became independent in 1822, its approximately 4M residents left Portugal's approximately 3M residents behind, effectively dissolving the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the ...
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Has the majority ever seceded?

Bangladesh, which was formerly "East Pakistan," seceded from "Pakistan" in 1971. Although it was larger (at the time) in population than West Pakistan, the center of government and economic power was ...
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What was the reason that Poland wanted a part of Germany north of Stettin/Szczecin and west of the Oder?

The city is located on both sides of the river, although the bigger part is on the West bank. The city is a port, an important port like Danzig, only much less capable for actually shipping large ...
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Why did Ethiopia not fight with Eritrea over coastal territory when giving them independence?

Just registered for the site, but I do know a bit about this! Following World War 2, Ethiopia wanted Eritrea, and the UN in 1950 came up with an agreement in which they would be a Federation together....
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Has the majority ever seceded?

There are examples from the history of Ancient Rome. After a quarrel between patricians and plebeians, plebeians once succeeded, and moved from Rome to another place nearby (to the so-called Holy ...
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How was Canadian sovereignty in the arctic threatened in the 1950s?

Your basic assumption that there is Canadian control of everything between Greenland and Alaska is more or less true. But there are a few existing problems of sovereignty between the two countries of ...
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Did the Soviet Union get a net border gain from China during World War II?

The only documented change of territory that I can find references for is the annexation of Tanu Tuva, which was occupied by the Red Army in 1921 as stablished as an "independent" People's Republic ...
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Did the Soviet Union get a net border gain from China during World War II?

Certainly the answer is hard. Maybe we can separate it in two main zones. One is Mongolia and the other one is Dalian (also named Dairen or Port Arthur). Before 1921 Mongolia was under influence of ...
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