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I agree with Kobunite, but by a different route. I can't make out the cap badge well enough to identify it positively, but the collar badges are either Royal Artillery or Royal Engineers, which are quite similar. The cap badge definitely isn't Royal Artillery, which looks like this: So he's Royal Engineers. The uniform is that of a commissioned officer: the ...


Starting with the regiment - looking at the cap badge (see below), I believe that he was in the Corps of Royal Engineers. The uniform appears to be that of a commissioned officer, however the exact rank will be difficult as the British Army wears rank insignia on the shoulder boards and sleeves.


It's called the substitution effect in economics. Eggs are fundamentally cheaper than other forms of protein such as meat or fish. When shortages of "high end" proteins cause their prices to rise, people "trade down" to eggs. The prices of eggs rise less in absolute terms than those of the other proteins. But eggs rise more in percentage terms (from a ...


I would agree with Royal Engineers. The lapel badge of the Royal Fusiliers, although similar to the RE, is more "splayed - eg !

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