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Why did the communist Khmer Rouge use a religious image in their flag?

The Khmer Rouge were huge admirers of the medieval Khmer empire and its achievements. It became the centerpiece of the nationalist aspect of their ideology. Depicting the temple was therefore a ...
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Why did the communist Khmer Rouge use a religious image in their flag?

If you compare the flags of other countries before communists took power and afterwards, you actually see quite a bit of continuity. Yes, the Soviet Union and China conpletely changed their flags, but ...
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Why did the communist Khmer Rouge use a religious image in their flag?

First step would be to check what the Kampuchean government says. The National Flag Article 16 The design and significance of the Kampuchean national flag are as follows: The background is red, ...
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What did Buddhism vs. Hinduism mean politically?

600 B.C. was roughly the beginning of the Mahajanapadas (Great States). It saw the beginning of not only small kingdoms, but also major urban centers. The era is marked by the transition from Painted ...
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Was Buddha well known by western Romans in Late Antiquity?

Perhaps not: this article by Alison Gopnik in The Atlantic suggests that Buddhism was barely known in Western Europe until the 1700s.
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How did the Graeco-Bactrian empire come to accept Buddhism?

The question, as is, covers a long period between Alexander (d. 323 BCE) and Mahmud of Ghazni (b. 975 CE) and the ethnic and religious influence changed extensively over the period of more than a 1000 ...
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Were drugs used in early Buddhist traditions?

As @sempaiscuba points out in a comment, the source cited for that statement on Wikipedia is "The Religious and Medicinal Uses of Cannabis in China, India and Tibet" by Mia Touw and the full text is ...
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What did Buddhism vs. Hinduism mean politically?

The main limitation of Hinduism was that it was a "local" religion, to the Indian subcontinent. The term Hindu derives from "Sindu," a part of India. Over the two hundred years or so after 500 BCE, it ...
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How can we explain the decline of Buddhism in India around the 12th century?

Buddhism declined in India, due to assimilation. Firstly, Buddhism had flourished in ancient India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, but eventually, the Buddhist locals became subject to "hard" ...
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