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When was the Viking first day of summer? Winter?

Summer (probably) started 10 weeks before midsummer According to O.S. Reuter's Skylore of the North, in Iceland in 999, the start of summer was set to be 10 weeks before the Althing, which was held at ...
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When was the Viking first day of summer? Winter?

Every reference I've been able to find for Old Norse or Viking calendars ended up pointing me to information from the Old Icelandic calendar. That's not that weird, as much of our knowledge of pre-...
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Why did the Babylonians choose to add the 13th lunar month every 3, 6, 8, 11, 14, 17, and 19 years, for a 19-year cycle?

The key to understand the metonic cycle is to focus on the intervals between the embolismic years rather than on the position of those years in the cycle. In any valid metonic cycle the sequence of ...
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Is the true difference between the Julian Calendar and a Gregorian calendar working back from any point after AD 1901 actually 15 days instead of 13?

That the calendar reform in A.D. 1582 did not account for the two leap years in the Julian Calendar that didn't fit the Gregorian Calendar's leap year rule and occurred before A.D. 300 (A.D. 100 and A....
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