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Did the Welsh ever call Britain Albion?

I believe it's thought to be a hellenisation of the common brythonic form *ėlβɨð 1 giving Albíōn and latinised as Albiōn. That common Brythonic form giving Old Welsh elbid, meaning that native word ...
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When did druids become widely accepted as 'shapeshifters'?

Druids became widely known as shapeshifters in the late 20th to early 21st century due to Dungeons & Dragons. There is no prior instance of this (and we all know how hard it is to prove a negative)...
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When is Samonios in comparison to the Gregorian calendar?

The Celtic year started with Samonios. It is a fact non-discussed about. The question is when the Celtic Year started? Notice, the Coligny table says nothing about that. The only argument for putting ...
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Were hag stones ever engraved?

I can't really give more info than what you already said, but based on what I've learned about them from the links you gave here's what I think. The legend says they come from a knot made of snakes ...
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Does anyone know anything on the history or any other information on this dagger?

So I found a match with a visual search but the listing is Here. The description is "Daga Romana" or "Roman Dagar". One like it only different colored sheath was listed on the site ...
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