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You are right. This can be a heated question, as is evident from comments, upvotes, downvotes, and votes to close. TL;DR There is no consensus among historians, so much is sure. There was a crisis in the Western part of the Roman Empire, connected to the collapse of the central authority there, but obvious in demographics, economic and political ...


This question assumes that Constantine was a calculating politician who converted to Christianity for personal advantage and not out of pure holiness. Your assumption is (half) wrong (and half right). As to the former (half wrong) part, most people living before the European Enlightenment were theists, and leaders, be they political or military, were ...


Yes, the BBC still has "BBC Radio 4 Sunday Worship" and has broadcast other religious programs, especially but not always on Christmas. From 1938 the BBC broadcast Elder Lightfoot Solomon Michaux's "Radio Church of God" in some markets. Per Wikipedia: There have also been religious programmes, of mostly Anglican celebration and often from the Church of St....


Not specifically after but during WWII, Christian author and Oxford Fellow CS Lewis’ book Mere Christianity grew out out of a series of talks given during the war.

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