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@curiousdannii Oh yes! Your link is interesting. Indeed, I remember that a guy who was making this link between Ancient Egypt and Christianity was also a fan of Zeitgeist! Crazy. Ok, it may be nonsense then. But then again there is this book "Akhenaten and the Origins of Monotheism". Will see. Thank you everyone.


An interesting and unknown historical source of Jesus' existence is found in Babylonian Jewish literature, Jesus appears in several contexts: He is mentioned as a disciple of a Jewish sage by the name of Rabbi Yehoshua ben Farhiya [Babylonian deviant Talmud Page 47 Side 1] The story of his killing is mentioned with more details [Babylonian Sanhedrin Talmud ...


The analysis by Abdolonyme Ubicini, as transcribed by Wikipedia based on research into the 1844 Ottoman census by Kemal H. Karpat and compiled in Ottoman Population 1830-1914, breaks down only as fine as the European and Asian halves of the Ottoman Empire; and gives a break down of 20% Christian and under 1% Jewish: As the English translation of Ottoman ...

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