Questions related to houses of worship.

This tag should be used when asking questions about buildings constructed for, or primarily used for, worship. This includes churches, cathedrals, basilicas, monasteries, abbeys and other physical institutions devoted to worship. Use this question when discussing specific churches and church architecture. This tag can be used in questions about a synagogue (combined with or a mosque (combined with . No disrespect is intended by this grouping, merely an attempt to avoid proliferation of tags.

Questions about religions, including their worship practices, sociopolitical relevance and influence, etc. should be tagged with the relevant specific tag (e.g. , , .

This tag should not be used to discuss the ritual/process of worship (church services), nor should it be used on questions describing Particular Churches (heterodoxies), state church Please note that the phrase "particular church" is used as it is linked; discussions of a specific church (building) are in scope.