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Are there any medieval manuals relating to castle building?

You might be interested in Guedelon Castle, which is a project to rebuild a 13th Century castle from scratch using original methods. It's not exactly a manual, but it's probably as close as you are ...
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What was housing like in early Medieval Scotland?

If we take the Early Medieval period to be from about 500 to 1000 CE, there were various types of housing in Scotland. There was an abundance of loose stone in Scotland resulting from glacier action ...
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Where and when did the legend that the Auld Alliance dates back to 809 AD begin?

I am 99% sure the earliest reference is in John of Fordun's Chronica Gentis Scottorum, written in the second half of the 14th century. Fordun is the earliest historian to provide accounts of the long ...
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Who is 'Chlodebaudo/Chlodebaud' in the Merovingian-era Clovis I genealogy & Charlemagne ancestry, supposedly mentioned in a Salic Law manuscript?

There is an available French paper by Ètienne Renard from 2018 focusing on several versions of the Merovingian family tree based on a lost archetype. The paper is available online and the associated ...
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