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Was the 14th Amendment ever enforced against a Confederate veteran?

Q: Was this ever enforced against a Confederate veteran? Section 14 of the Enforcement Act (see below) was used to remove some from office, Such removal was without penalty. Q: Did any court ever rule ...
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Who organised elections in the ancient Roman Republic?

Sitting magistrates organised the elections. This wasn't 1-to-1. Most elections were held in various comitia – in reverse seniority (consuls first, quaestors last) – presided by a consul. Plebeian ...
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Have there been situations in US history or other countries, where a 2 person election will elect A, but by adding a third person, B is elected?

Yes, and with some frequency. It's widely accepted that the 1912, 1992, and 2000 Presidential elections saw this occurrence: In 1912, Roosevelt's Bull Moose Party split the Republican vote, allowing ...
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How have historians calculated the total number of votes in general elections which had plural voting?

The way in which these figures were calculated can be deduced from the individual poll results. These are listed on this site. The majority of seats were uncontested, meaning there was no poll and ...
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Why did people in the USSR participate in elections?

Interestingly, a dozen answers, but nobody mentioned this. According to one Western paper, there was a canvassing protocol in place: During the voter registration process, the work of the precinct ...
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