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Davis, Glyn 1995 (2002) History of Money has a good half page (241) on it.


The key to answering this is to understand that Winthrop was a Puritan with a Puritan's view of corruption. Like most members of the Colony, Winthrop was a Puritan. This group claimed that the Church of England was corrupted by selfish leaders and petty squabbles. In contrast, Puritans envisioned an idealized community in which all citizens would focus ...


The Protestant Reformation was presented as a reaction to the hypocrisy, worldliness, and corruption of the Catholic Church, but that wasn't good enough for Puritans like Winthrop. He considered that the Church of England, having come into power, had slipped in to the same pattern. The phrase where men strain at gnats and swallow camels suggests that ...

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