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Short Answer Indirect evidence suggests that it is certainly possible that there were some veterans of Falkirk (1298) who fought at Bannockburn (1314). Men could be enlisted on both sides up to the age of 60; thus, for example, a 20-year-old at Falkirk would have been 36 at Bannockburn, well within the enlistment age limit. Whether they numbered just a ...


Sir George Beeston was the longest serving Pensioner, holding that role from 1547 till his death in 1601. In 1588, he was the Admiral of the fleet that defeated the Spanish Armada, while captaining the Dreadnought. If that counts as "protecting the monarch", then yes, absolutely.


The Dynasty that ruled England from 1154 to 1485 is called the Plantagenet Dynasty. The first king of that dynasty, Henry II, was the son of Geoffry, Count of Anjou and Duke of Normandy, and Matilda of England. Count Geoffry had the nickname of Plantagenet. Centuries later, in the 15th century, members of the Plantagenet dynasty started to use Plantagenet ...


Henry did want an annulment from her at first. he was looking into that possibility in february 1536 (Jane had already moved into the chambers right next to his rooms by then and he was openly courting her), so that mustve been his original plan. I don't know why it didnt happen then tho. another thing I heard was that the charges of adultery and everything ...

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