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According to Sophie Basch in "Le voyage à Constantinople: l'Orient-express" [Snoeck-Ducaju & Zoon, 1997], a first class ticket to Istanbul in 1913 cost 586 gold francs from Paris, or £20.11s from London: Au début du XIXème siècle, les voyages étaient particulièrement dispendieux: entre 27.543,70 frs pour Flaubert, dont la mère tient les comptes avec ...


It's a generic Hungarian cowboy wearing a traditional Szűr, rather than anyone in particular. (h/t JustCal for this specific image.) I checked whether it might Széchenyi, Batthyány, Kossuth, or one of the other Hungarian leaders who regularly pop up as place names. The beard style matches none of them.


Judging by History of Silage by Wilkinson et al (2003), the premise behind the question is somewhat inaccurate. Silage making is probably more than 3000 yr old. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks stored grain and whole forage crops in silos. Reviews of the history of silage refer to the mural in the Naples Museum, which shows whole-crop cereals being ...

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