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The wikipedia page on Havana clarifies Less than a year after Havana was seized, the Peace of Paris was signed by the three warring powers thus ending the Seven Years' War. The treaty gave Britain Florida in exchange for the city of Havana on the recommendation of the French, who advised that declining the offer could result in Spain losing Mexico and ...


The basic "settlement" of the Seven Years' War (called the French and Indian War in North America) was that Britain would get all of North America east of the Mississippi River. France gave up "East Louisiana" (the territory between the Mississippi and the Thirteen Colonies), while Spain gave up Florida. In return, France got to "park" the main "Louisiana ...


Clyde H. (Jack) Hagler was a Democrat representative in the Florida State House for District 3, first elected in 1974. He 'crusaded' to have Florida's gun laws relaxed and served until 1982. He died in 1984, and it appears the Jack Hagler Self Defense Act, passed in 1987, was named in his memory / in honour of him at the instigation of a "close friend and ...


The better question is why did Britain exchange Havana for Florida? I think it is because Britain (for example, the Prime Minister Lord Bute) knew they could not keep Havana in the long term since it was only a matter of time before it was recaptured by the Spanish criollos, just like Buenos Aires would be 40 years later.

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