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Why did Charlemagne retreat after the Battle of Pamplona?

The short answer is that Charlemagne didn’t have much choice. Roger Collins, in ‘Early Medieval Europe 300 – 1000' asserts that The expedition that Charles led into the Ebro valley in 778 was ill-...
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How long were Old Frankish dialects spoken in modern France?

I don't think we have an ironclad handle on that. This period was about as dark as the dark ages got. Its likely the Franks in Neustria were never more than an elite ruling class over a population ...
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Are the Carolingian and Frankish Empire the same?

The Frankish Empire was ruled by two dynasties. The Merovingian (c. 5th century to 751) dynasty and Carolingian dynasty in (best known for imperial expansion under Charlemagne/Karl dem Großen) the ...
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Do any churches continue to display length measures?

Yes. These ell standards on churches were installed to prevent trade disputes, especially with tailors. The churches whose ells are pictured here are the St. Walpurgis-Kirche in Apfelstädt and ...
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What is the ancestry of the Robertians, progenitors of the Bourbon dynasty?

While, I have not been able to verify the claim that Tassilon the first was the father of Charibert or any other claim as to Charibert's ancestry, I have found many different claims as to who he ...
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Was Bohemia part of the Frankish Empire in 814?

It's tricky (but probably no) The maps you see come out of 19th and 20th century historiography, during the rise of nationalist agendas. This is further complicated by the Internet echo chamber. There'...
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Was the Battle of Tours really the turning point for the Umayyad expansion into Europe?

As a complementary answer: While the battle of Tours was an important moment in the Arab expansion into Europe, it was not the only one, for the simple reason that the Arab expansion in that direction ...
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