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If this is the relevant person: (click to enlarge pictures) then the actual salient points are: cap: 'flying/winged wheels', double cockade -> Reichsbahn employee shoulderboards to be expected as usual rank insignia: later than this timeframe, thus absent in this picture before 1935: rank & section/specialty on display in gorget patches What is ...


This is a Railway (Reichsbahn) uniform from the period 1924 until June 1935. The rank is probably Rangieraufseher (Shunting supervisor). Ranks, 1924-1935-06 Railway Cap, 1924-1935-06 Source: Reichsbahn Headgear Rangabzeichen nach der Dienstkleiderordnung (DKO) 1924 DPSG Kluft 1930-1939 Wolfskopf (1930-1960) May be the symbol seen on the 2nd person from ...


It is not an Imperial, Weimar, or Third Reich naval uniform. It does, however, appear to be a Weimar period reichsbahn (railroad) police uniform . . . Some discussion in a collectors' forum here several shots of this type uniform on the second page of the discussion thread.

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