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Most empires (Achaemenid, Roman, Eastern Roman, Osman, Austro-Hungarian and Russian) had very diverse populations and were quite sustainable. Even if you count Eastern Roman empire separately from the Western one, the Western one existed for more than 400 years, and the Eastern one for 1000 years after that. Actually many European countries have very ...


Switzerland consists of German-speaking and French-speaking populations, plus some smaller groups. Pretty stable for 500 years.


The "Noto Servizio" or "Anello" in Italy should qualify. The "Noto Servizio" was an Italian secret organization made up of former officers, entrepreneurs, industrialists, subjects of the political and economic world, and organized crime, founded towards the end of World War II by fascist war-criminal Mario Roatta, although Wikipedia doesn't know much…) and ...


Both Japan and China have long had people of different religious convictions (Buddhism and Shintoism in Japan, Buddhism and Daoism in China). But neither of these religions insists on "You shall have no other gods beside me", so they do not lead to the emergence of clearly distinguishable groups and therefore the effect on political stability is small. Edit:...

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