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Was Johannes Gutenberg left-handed?

It doesn't appear that there's any report about Gutenberg not being right-handed. I tried several sites reporting famous left-handers, and couldn't find Gutenberg on anyone's list (not even Steve ...
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Why didn't pre-Gutenberg movable type systems cause a printing revolution?

"Why" questions are notoriously difficult, and I am sure there will be plenty of scorn piled on me for even trying... Any major invention consists of many parts. It also requires a market to ...
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By which year did smiths achieve the ability to handle metal in an exact way that's necessary for the printing press?

Gutenberg himself developed the hand mould needed to (quickly) cast the letters of a uniform size for the movable type. That would have been around 1440. These letters were then inserted into the "...
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How much faster/better were European printing presses compared to Chinese block printing?

A few relevant factors: The Roman alphabet of Gutenberg's time had around 32 characters, plus ten digits and ten to fifteen commonly used punctuation marks and other symbols. Written Chinese has over ...
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