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What do historians infer about the world view of the ancient Egyptians based on the prophecy of Neferty?

There's various interpretations of Neferti that Historians have argued about over the years. Simpson considered it to be essentially a propaganda pamphlet aiming at legitimizing and drumming up ...
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Could Egyptian hieroglyphs accurately record conversational day-to-day discussion?

The reason why many Ancient hieroglyphic texts appear “stilted and unnatural” may be because most texts that survived are found in or related to tombs and these get most of the attention because of ...
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Are there any Egyptian hieroglyphs representing four sounds?

Yes there are, but not many it appears. An exhaustive list can be found in Hieroglyphenschlüssel: Entziffern, Lesen, Verstehen by Petra Vomberg and Orell Witthuhn, but this partial list gives one ...
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What are the most recommended non-biased books on Egyptian History

There are no non-biased histories. Histories are always written by people, and these people have viewpoints. They list just the facts about kings and battles, ignoring the common people? That's a bias....
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What are the most recommended non-biased books on Egyptian History

You may begin with: Redford, Donald B., ed. (2001). The Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt. for a general account. Ancient Egypt existed for very long time, and it has been very much studied, with ...
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Where can I find a specific hieroglyphs website?

Ok, I found it thanks. It is called
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Was the symbol post-classical Mayans used to represent zero really derived from a depiction of a turtle shell?

I've done some further research, and I'd like to post my findings in a form of an answer. I could not find any authoritative source mentioning the symbol is a turtle shell, so that section in the ...
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