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In the biography of Turing by Hodges an ancient Celtic tradition is mentioned of killing the last to arrive

It's a well known fact (or legend), told by Julius Caesar in his Commentaries on the Gallic War (Original title, "De Bello Gallico") Chapter 5-56: quo lege communi omnes puberes armati convenire ...
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What was the difference in the minds of the Romans between human sacrifice and gladiator games?

TL;DR: Most of the people that died during the games were not gladiator fighters, the types we most commonly see in the pictures or representations, but were people sentenced to death. To understand ...
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What cultures did, or do, perform human sacrifice on a regular basis?

With spaced regularity, here's another: Vikings sacrificed every 9 years people in honor of Odin. Saxo Grammaticus in his books about the history of Denmark reported it. Check this question for a more ...
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