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The cap is an officers pattern 1880 forage cap which was used until around 1902. The white band as I understand it represents an English or Welsh regiment and the grenade on his cuff above the stripes might suggest one of the fusilier regiments. The rank is possibly a regimental quartermaster sergeant though I don't know what the two extra stars represent.


The five small statues in the niches of the cenotaph represent (from left to right) St. Jerome, St. John the Baptist and the Virgin and Child, a bearded male saint (perhaps St. Paul or St. Peter) and a figure who could be either the penitent Magdalene or St. Mary of Egpyt. Wolters noted their inclusion in Penuti’s engraving but disputed their original ...


The only distinctive thing I could guess where the uniform came from is the United States according to the buckle. It looks like a Union Army NCO/Officer buckle. It looks something like this:

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