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How can I identify this RAF pin badge?

That's the Observer Single Wing badge above his breast pocket, which was withdrawn in 1942 and replaced by the Navigator Single Wing badge.
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Are the Sabean people of Cushitic or Ethiopian origin?

Sabean are an Ethiopian living on both side of redsea in Ethiopia and Yemen .Once again colonial mentality is the reasons to hypothesized Arabian Sabean migrate to Ethiopia and brought civilization ...
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Help identifying Italian uniform, rank, regiment

The handwriting is quite difficult but I believe it's on two columns, maybe "Ricordo (del) nostro nipotte (...) non si scorda mai" and "(Mameli?) Francesco di Antonino".
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Who are the three people in the Twilight Struggle card "Red Scare / Purge"?

Roy Cohn (left) and Don Surine (right) You correctly identify McCarthy (he's the one in the middle). Searching for "joseph mccarthy aides" finds us the original uncropped photo as well as ...
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