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What is this metal box for, and where is it from?

I did not find the actual product, but the company in question seems to be satoshoji, with its character "Martian from the fourth planet of the Sun"
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What is this metal box for, and where is it from?

You thought it could be something but discarded the idea because it couldn't rock well. It seems to me that you were indeed right, this is probably for blotting paper, but it's missing a part. As you ...
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What is this metal box for, and where is it from?

It's very likely a pounce pot, as described in another answer as a shaker, or in this Sotheby's auction as an actual pot matched to an inkwell and described as "English Cast Brass Inkwell and ...
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What could be the origin of this polychrome wooden statue?

As far as I can tell by the style, this statue would be at least post 14th-century, maybe even later. The head seems wearing a tiara 1, meaning it could be a pope. I've seen some of these (very ...
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What is all the equipment used by the Russian imperial army?

The image as presented is not a particularly good one one for gathering individual details about the gear being used, It is likely an artistic derivation of an image taken from the cover of the book ...
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What is the origin and rank of this military uniform?

This is a Soviet army junior officer's greatcoat (двубортная шинель). The shoulder boards are for a post-1943 senior lieutenant of the infantry - you can just barely see the second of 3 stars and the ...
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