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is there a connection between the British slate roofs and slate roofs found in the Himalayan State of India ( Uttarakhand)

An article on Himachal slate gives multiple examples of temples (such as Chandrashekhar Temple among others) with slate roofs from the 10th-century onwards. It also mentions that in certain areas ...
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Why is a temple to Hathor in India?

Pulling together what's been said in the comments, the answer to the headline question is that there is no such temple. The "reliable article" linked in the question is a Facebook post where ...
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How have European countries affected the caste system in India?

Strict Jati Separation is Ancient Harvard geneticist David Reich did a study of ancient and modern Indian genetics, and determined that endogamy within the caste system is at least 3,000 years old. ...
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What is the genetic composition of "Cemetery H" culture?

The question is simply unanswerable at this time. A 2015 article surveyed what was then known about the skeletal remains at Harrapan burial sites, including Cemetery H. It concludes that "the ...
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Why did the Mughals call themselves "Gurkani" when Babur himself was a direct descendant of Genghis Khan?

Altan Urugh (Golden Clan) Under steppe imperial tradition, only patrilineal descent from Chinggis Khan with his senior wife, Borte -- male descendants of Jochi, Chaghadai, Ögцdei and Tolui -- are ...
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Why were there more Muslims in East Bengal than in West Bengal

I will point to the following reasons: Arab Trade with Bengal happened mainly through sea ports of South and South-Eastern Bengal. Many Arab traders settled in Modern Cumilla, Chittagong, Noakhali ...
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Was the earliest precursor of chess part of Indo-European culture?

... the article specifically pertaining to "Chaturanga" suggests that its origins lie in the Indus Valley Civilisation, which was a Bronze Age civilization in South Asia. Well, what ...
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Did the idea of true/false Gods originate in Dharmic religions and migrate to Abrahamic religions, or could they have a common inspiration?

Question #1 Do the concept of false Gods and religious superiority in Abrahamic religion and Dharmic religion have a common origin which can be proved by the above verses? Short Answer: If you take ...
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