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Branch of the land army, fighting on foot. One of the oldest fighting formation in history.

Ask questions related to infantry as a weapon, it's history of use since pre-historic times, Greek phalanx, Roman legions, Medieval pikeman etc. For use of equipment by infantry tags and could be more appropriate.

Types of infantry:

  • light infantry -- equipped in small weaponry, to reduce costs and/or increase mobility,
  • heavy infantry -- equipped in heavy weapons to perform firm defence,
  • mounted infantry -- using horses for transportation (but fighting on feet),
  • motorized infantry -- using motor vehicles,
  • armoured infantry -- using special ed vehicles,
  • marines -- infantry used by navies to perform off-shore operations,
  • special purpose, like mountain infantry, paratroopers, AT (anti-tank) etc.

The infantry troops using helicopters for transportation are, however, named air cavalry.

Other types of land units:

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