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Has the concept of "annulment" of a putative marriage changed over time in the Roman Catholic Church?

No, it's been consistent. The 1917 Code of Canon Law, which consolidated canon law dating back to the Decretals of Gratian (12th cen.), defines putative marriage: Canon 1015 § 4. Invalid marriage is ...
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What legal code first provided tenants rights and/or covered eviction?

The relevant sections of Code of Hammurabi as per Avalon Project, and dated circa 1755-1750 B.C., are: If a chieftain or a man is captured on the "Way of the King" (in war), and a merchant ...
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What was the "high Commissioner of the Police in Scotland" in 1777?

The word 'police' is different in its meaning from the modern narrow definition we are likely to hold true for back then. In modern words: much more setting policy, thus mainly more legislative than ...
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