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Who governed while Alexander the Great was away conquering Asia?

Alexander left Antipater in charge in Macedonia/Greece while he was off conquering. Antipater had previously served Alexander's father, Phillip II, and had also previously served as regent for ...
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Couldn't an army of archers easily defeat Macedonian style phalanxes?

The Macedonian phalanx had limited protection from missiles in the form of their long spears, but it's true that it was vulnerable to missile fire. For example, during the Battle of Ipsus (fought ...
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Mass distribution of the Macedonian Sarissa pike

I'm only aware of one surviving iron coupling-sleeve that joined the two halves of the sarissa spear-shaft. The discovery was reported in the 1970 paper Sarissa by Manolis Andronicos in the journal ...
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Why did Sparta turn on its ally Elis during the First Macedonian War?

Machanidas of Sparta's motive for attacking Elis was almost certainly territorial expansion, and was part of the last but one of several (ultimately futile) attempts to resurrect Spartan hegemony in ...
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Is the Afghan hat related to the Macedonian hat?

The short answer to this question is that there is indeed a plausible connection. B.M. Kingsley (PhD) in 1981 already pointed to this connection as seen in the following abstract: The so-called ...
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Can Alexander III of Macedon's success be attributed to good logistics management?

The Macedonian army was indeed relying on a well-established logistics organization. The following book, as already mentioned in the comments, is probably the most well-known one about the subject ...
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Why and how did Macedon support Carthage in the Punic wars?

During the Punic Wars, the Macedonians allied themselves with the Carthaginians with the expectation they would be the victors of the war and therefore be on good terms with them in the future. In ...
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Why did Archelaus move the capitol of Macedon to Pella?

Location. According to A Companion to Ancient Macedonia edited by Joseph Roisman, Ian Worthington, the "site was attractive for several reasons". The location controlled a crossroads,"controlling ...
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Was the Macedonian phalanx more effective than hoplites?

Just wanted to add an observation in some research on the Macedonian and Greek armies... The Hoplite was a standard infantryman of all Greek nations, also the in Macedonia under Philip and Alexander. ...
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How did Alexander the Great die?

The mystery has not been solved and will probably remain open for the foreseeable future. As the Wikipedia article explains, there is a long list of theories but no decisive evidence to clearly ...
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How old was Bagoas when he met Alexander the Great?

Bagoas was Persian as the name is of Persian origin. He was, to quote Curtius, "in the very flower of his youth" when he first met Alexander. That seems to me to be 16-18 years old.
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Can Alexander III of Macedon's success be attributed to good logistics management?

Simply; no. In war one must do a multitude of things well to win: logistics, command, morale, training, and battle tactics just for a start. Getting any one of these things seriously wrong is ...
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Why are there multiple royal squadrons of the Companion Cavalry?

From Rzepka, Jacek. "The units of Alexander’s army and the district divisions of late Argead Macedonia." Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies 48.1 (2008): 39-56 comes a possible answer. On p49 It ...
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Was the Macedonian phalanx more effective than hoplites?

The problem Macedon had when facing Rome was manpower - Rome was a world power and could put many men in the field - up to 500,000. Macedon, by the time of Phillip II's death, was a world power ...
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Did Alexander the Great destroy a city to demonstrate his ability to reign?

Although late to the party, let me add that Alexander the Great did destroy a city as an example. The city of Tyre, which was an island city, would not surrender to him (there are others who say they ...
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