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What was a "census" (some sort of compensation) in early medieval Europe?

A census is a type of debt document used in the middle ages. See a translation of this Catalan Wiki Article, which explains it very well. 'Censuses' were very common in Catalonia in the middles ages, ...
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What was "primitive labor rent" or "mains mortales"?

Including all three phases: (1) Primitive labour rent: the serf owed his lord some number of days labour usually in the lord's fields. (2) Rent paid in kind: the serf owed his lord some of the serf's ...
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Marriage for executioners in Medieval times

Your only question seems to be whether an executioner would be able to be wedded by a priest? According to German wikipedia, Es war bereits sehr schwer für sie, bei der christlichen Taufe Paten zu ...
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