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What's the point of the transept?

An answer from French Wikipedia (perhaps not very different from what has already mentioned in the comments and the answer by @Luiz): Outre le côté symbolique de la croix latine, le transept tient ...
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What's the point of the transept?

I compiled all comments, and answered your comments: Are you wanting too much? There has never been the one optimal obligatory clearly superior solution for church architecture. Each general plan has ...
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Who is 'Chlodebaudo/Chlodebaud' in the Merovingian-era Clovis I genealogy & Charlemagne ancestry, supposedly mentioned in a Salic Law manuscript?

There is an available French paper by Ètienne Renard from 2018 focusing on several versions of the Merovingian family tree based on a lost archetype. The paper is available online and the associated ...
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Were regular citizens of the Republic of Venice permitted to own and carry arms/weapons?

I haven't got much knowledge about this subject and I just made a very superficial research, but I found that Vendrame, the man who in 1355 blew the whistle on Doge Marin Falier's plot to become ...
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How did medieval architects determine sizes and numbers of pillars, buttresses etc?

How did medieval architects determine sizes and numbers of pillars, buttresses etc? Mostly, by use of scale models, chalk floor drawings, and elaborate simulations of beam loading constructed by ...
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What caused the imposition of strict celibacy for Catholic priests during the 11th century?

In my humanities class at Catholic college my professor pointed out that the Church would take all the possessions of the priests when they died. And when they had families it would leave them with ...
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