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Has the concept of "annulment" of a putative marriage changed over time in the Roman Catholic Church?

No, it's been consistent. The 1917 Code of Canon Law, which consolidated canon law dating back to the Decretals of Gratian (12th cen.), defines putative marriage: Canon 1015 § 4. Invalid marriage is ...
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Did Henry V’s archers at Agincourt fight with no pants / breeches on because of dysentery?

(the english archers are)….for the most part without armour except their pourpoints; (Thigh length padded jerkins) their stockings (hose) rolled down to the knees, and having hatchets and battle-axes ...
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How aware was Europe nobility of the danger of consanguinity?

It might be worth noting that marriage was, for most of history, a matter of property management in many areas of the planet.
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How aware was Europe nobility of the danger of consanguinity?

Well, any sound answer should specify WHEN. According to, marriage between persons related within four degrees of consanguinity violated the civil code. Until the 13th century (same ...
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Is there evidence of extensive Viking presence in North America?

To my knowledge this is most recently treated in the opening chapters of Kevin Starr's Continental Ambitions -- in which he argues that the Vikings were Catholic.
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