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Annexation of Hatay to Turkey in 1939 In June 1939, the French helped facilitate the annexation of the Hatay Province (containing the cities of Antioch and Alexandretta) by Turkey, against opposition from Syria, in the hope that this would improve the chances of Turkey supporting the Allies should a war break out in Europe. The change is still disputed by ...


I will reword and answer the question as, "How well accepted were the Hashemite Kings in that the British imposed on Transjordan and Iraq after World War I?" Because the answers are rather different. The current king of "Jordan" is Abdullah II. He is the son of the late (and popular) King Hussein. Hussein was the grandson of Abdullah I, one of the two ...


During that time, Pan-Arabism was in fashion in the Arabic world. The lineage of these rulers going back to the clan of the prophet Mohamed of Islam was a plus. Arab countries were trying to unite in several competing failed projects. Where you come from was not as important as to what political dogma you had.

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