There always is a trade-off when occupying someone else's territory: the resources you can extract plus any strategic value versus the resources you need to invest to maintain control. The wooded areas north of the steppe belt were relatively hard to control for the Mongols - e.g. even the 1207 campaign against the "Forest Peoples" had somewhat ...


To answer this I would first answer the question, why did Orda retreated from Hungary and central Europe. As the guy named Lord of Hosts explained in his "articles" there were, and still are, economic reasons that contributed to mongol success and their failure. And by economic I don't mean financial only; in fact I don't mean them at all. Economy ...


Mythical answer: Ignach Cross stopped them from going north. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g2324025-d4952803-Reviews-Ignach_Cross-Novgorod_Oblast_Northwestern_District.html

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