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How much of the *Iliad* was confirmed scientifically?

This subject is treated in detail in the 1959 book History and the Homeric Iliad by Denys Lionel Page (Sather classical lectures, volume 31). This book, among other things, summarizes the extremely ...
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How big were the armies of the Mycenaean Civilization during the Late Helladic Period and during the Late Bronze Age Collapse?

Maybe ~150,000 As TED points out in a comment, this is very difficult to answer because of the lack of physical or written evidence. However, the Iliad may provide a clue. The Iliad was written down ~...
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Was there a continuity in architecture from the Minoan civilisation to classical Greece?

No and yes. The 'continuity' was largely broken off with the collapse of Mycenean culture and it took too long for the Hellenes to re-reach the cultural level in architecture displayed in the bronze ...
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